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Want to give it a try?
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  i love keto life
Keto was initially designed in the 1920s to help people who suffer from seizure disorders and not to help people lose weight.
  i love keto life 
"After giving birth, my appetite has been up non-stop especially since I’ve been breastfeeding. Apparently, my carelessness in eating caused a rise in my cholesterol. 

A good friend introduced me to Keto and after 5 months, I had my blood chemistry taken, which finally reflected normal cholesterol levels! It was a bit of a challenge at first since I missed my Panini sandwiches, but I learned to bake my keto buns, wraps and loaves! Along the way, I realized that more than just a diet, I was already undergoing a complete 360 turnaround with my lifestyle. 

It was a new discipline, and it felt wonderful especially since I didn’t have to starve myself and my food remained as tasty as ever! To add, I lost 25 lbs and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I feel light and healthy! "
Ditas Red, working mom

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